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  Welcome to the EU Federsee Nature Reserve
Discover the large fenland in southwest Germany

Explore this unique fen landscape from path, boardwalk and observation tower. Or join a guided tour from NABU. Take the opportunity to visit the permanent exhibition in the nature conservation centre and learn about the local area. We are happy to advise you on where the most interesting things can currently be seen in the reserve. Entry to our centre is free.

Summary Federsee nature

More information about our LIFE+ Project "Restoration of habitats in the Federsee bog" (2009 - 2012)

More information about our LIFE-Project "Conservation and development of nature in the Federsee fen" (2009 - 2012)

More information about our LIFE-Project "Conservation and development of nature in the Federsee fen" (1997 - 2002)

More information about nature conservation at the Federsee fen

  Opening times
Visitor Information and Nature Shop

NABU-Nature Centre Federsee
 Opening times 2017
Tues-Fri 1pm – 5pm
Sat, Sun, Bank holidays 11am – 12pm,
1pm – 5pm

Thurs 1pm – 5pm

Closed: 23.12.2016 – 8.01.2017
Closed: 22.12.2017 – 7.01.2018

We are also available if you wish to phone or book a tour for a time outside of our official opening hours. Entry to the nature conservation centre is free!

 In the nature conservation centre you will find:
Exhibition “Nature at the Federsee” and Nature Shop
Multimedia-Information-Point: explore the local area and test your knowledge of nature with a click of the mouse
Aquarium with Federsee fish
Model of a giant Wels catfish
Peepshow with the Starling family (nestbox with camera, Spring/ Summer only)
Hotel for wild bees


  Guided tours
Discovering the environment together!

Führung am Federsee
We offer public tours to the loveliest parts of the Federsee fen. It is not necessary to sign-up beforehand.

More details of our public tours are available on our events calendar.
For groups we offer private tours with various themes.

More details about guided tours for groups

  How to find us
Following the route of migratory birds to the south!

NABU-Naturschutzzentrum Federsee
Federseeweg 6
88422 Bad Buchau
Tel: 0 75 82/15 66
Fax: 0 75 82/17 78

The NABU nature conservation centre is located in Bad Buchau, near Biberach, around 60km north of Lake Constance.

Arrival by train:
Line Ulm – Friedrichshafen, train station Bad Schussenried or Biberach, then bus to Bad Buchau, bus stop „Hauptstraße“.
or Line Ulm - Donaueschingen, train station Riedlingen, then bus to Bad Buchau, bus stop „Hauptstraße“

Arrival by bus:
„Bäderbus“ from Reutlingen Main Station, bus stop Bad Buchau „Hauptstraße“

Arrival by car:
From the B 30 from Ulm, follow the exit for “Federsee”. In Bad Buchau follow signs to “Federsee”. The NABU-Federsee centre is located c.100m from the Federsee car park, next to the Federsee Museum.

  NABU-Naturschutzzentrum Federsee
Federseeweg 6
88422 Bad Buchau
Tel: 0 75 82 / 15 66
Fax: 0 75 82 / 17 78
Träger des Naturschutzzentrums
Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V. (NABU)
Landesverband Baden-Württemberg

Unsere nächsten Veranstaltungen
Sa, 19.08.17, 19:00
Natur am Federsee
Di, 22.08.17, 19:00
Führung in den Wackelwald
Fr, 25.08.17, 19:30
Batman live (Fledermaus-Abend)
Sa, 26.08.17, 19:00
Natur am Federsee
Di, 29.08.17, 19:00
Führung in den Wackelwald

Weitere Termine im Veranstaltungskalender

gefördert nach dem Förderprogramm Landschaftspflege-richtlinie (LPR)


LIFE+-Projekt Federsee
Infos zum LIFE+-Projekt Federsee

see english pages for LIFE+ project

Naturbeobach- tungstipps
Hier finden Sie unsere aktuellen Naturbeob- achtungstipps!

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Wackelwald- rucksack
Mit dem Wackelwald- rucksack können Familien ideal den Wackelwald auf eigene Faust entdecken.

Was ist los am Federsee?
  Bad Buchau am Federsee
Hier erhalten Sie Tipps zur Planung Ihres Aufenthalts am Federsee. Viel Spaß!

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